Frequently Asked Questions

The application deadline for the 2024-25 school year is December 15, 2023. Admissions decisions are made by a committee of faculty and staff members. Students submitting complete applications by December 15 will be notified of decisions by February 9, 2024. Applications received after December 15 will be evaluated in a timely manner as space remains available in each grade level.

Yes, students placed in our wait pool will be notified if a spot becomes available in their grade level. The Admissions Office will monitor the wait pool and open seats until the first day of school in August. The wait pool is not ranked; rather, if spaces do become available, the Admissions Committee will meet and decide to whom those spaces will be offered. Only a few, if any, students in the wait pool are offered a spot for the upcoming year. Students in our wait pool that are not offered a spot by the beginning of the school year should contact the Admissions Office in the fall if interested in being considered again for enrollment for the following year.

While Francis Parker does not require formal admissions testing for admission, our Admissions Committee will consider recent standardized testing as well as feedback from the applicant’s visit to the classroom.

Students entering Preschool – 12th grade must participate in a classroom visit or shadow day as a part of their admissions process. Students will complete an informal grade-level assessment with a classroom teacher

Students entering 2nd – 12th grade are required to complete a Shadow Day as a part of their admissions process. Students will spend a full school day in their current or rising grade level, and also complete an informal assessment (2nd – 5th) or complete an admissions interview (6th – 12th). Applicants entering JK – 1st grade are required to participate in an upcoming Classroom Try-On. Applicants entering the Preschool 3s or 4s will participate in a classroom visit with the Preschool Director. All visits, including campus tours should be scheduled with the Office of Admissions.

Yes. There are buses available for JK – 8th grade students. Francis Parker endeavors to provide bus transportation to multiple areas of the community. The fees associated with bus ridership are as follows:

2022-23 Pricing:

  • $1,300 – 1 Student, Round-Trip
  • $1,100 – Each additional sibling, Round-Trip
  • Financial aid may be available
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