Apple staff photo“I graduated from St. Francis High School in 1992 and made stops thereafter at the University of Chicago, New College, and the Tulane University Law School, where sadly I was not on the Huey P. Long Scholarship. While living in New Orleans, in addition to being a devotee of both shellfish and second lines, I worked for the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana and for the late civil liberties lawyer Prof. M. David Gelfand.

While later practicing in Louisville, I began teaching law-related courses at Bellarmine University. Over time, I came to prefer teaching to practicing law. In 2013, I hung up my powdered wig and began teaching in the History Department here at St. Francis. These days I conduct classes in Medieval global history, AP U.S. history, and American constitutional law.

People often ask if it’s odd to teach at one’s own high school. I assure them that it can be, and here I am right next door to Tom Miron, no less. But looking back on my time as a student at St. Francis, what stands out is the lifelong approach to constant, curious, and fearless learning that is prized at the school. In that sense, maybe it’s perfectly reasonable that I might return to the place where I was first instilled with that attitude. It’s like Shaq Fu: Da Return, but with fewer Warren G. guest spots.


Although St. Francis High School is now formally “St. Francis School Downtown Campus” after the merger with Goshen, I can see from the other side of the desk that most of the changes here have been cosmetic — and welcome. As I have said elsewhere, it’s most gratifying as an alumnus to see that the core idea of the school, its skeleton, remains unchanged even as it is fleshed out anew by the students, faculty, staff, and parents that over the years have contributed so thoughtfully to the St. Francis community. In case you’re wondering, it really is still a crazy, great place to be.”