Describe your path after leaving St. Francis.         Hazel Levine

After graduating in May of 2009, I moved to Evanston, Illinois where I studied Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Jewish Studies at Northwestern University. I especially enjoyed my research grant work at the Chicago Botanic Garden, racing for the Club Cycling team, and making incredible friends. I graduated in March of 2013 and moved home to work and sort out some health issues before law school. The “health issues” turned out to be Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was diagnosed in August of 2013. I lost all of my hair, most of my high school field hockey leg muscles, and for the first time, I questioned everything. I am so lucky to be contributing–cancer free–to this Wyvern Report just one year after my diagnosis! In my chemotherapy downtime I applied to law schools, and I will be attending Washington University in St. Louis in the fall of 2015. Until then I am living in Aspen, Colorado: working, hiking, cycling, cooking, adventuring, star gazing, and breathing a lot of mountain air! Hope to see a few Wyverns on the slopes this winter!

Looking back at your time at St. Francis, what stands out?

Writing. Reading. Expression. I am so lucky to have attended St. Francis, a place where every student is given the opportunity to become a great writer. Learning how to express myself in high school has been invaluable to the rest of my life.

Do you recall a specify teacher or friend that influenced you in some way?

There are so many great teachers at St. Francis. Saying one name makes me feel like I am not giving credit where credit is due. But….Cia White and Tom Miron, a special shout out to you both!

What advice would you give to St. Francis students and new alumni?

Enjoy every day at St. Francis. Your time spent at 233 West Broadway–and the surrounding area–will mean more to you than you can ever imagine. Oh, and for the younger kiddos, ask Tom Miron about the time he had to ban sleeping bags from school. I think it was sometime around January of 2006 (during my Freshman year).