By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Morning Meeting is always one of my favorite parts of the day because all of us (students, faculty, staff) get to start the day together. On Monday, one of the things Terri White, our school counselor, shared was appreciation for some students and their actions. She complimented various students for jumping in to help her unload items for her car, for washing blankets borrowed from her office, and for volunteering to unpack new food in the Wyvern Store. I love when we can praise teenagers for things like this, to reinforce their thoughtfulness. Acknowledging this is also important because every one of them can choose to be helpful and caring, to make this community a better place – and we are so incredibly lucky that many of them do just that every day.

Speaking of which, the Encouragement Club continues its good work this year, as the photo above this article demonstrates. They’re encouraging everyone to “Take What You Need” (courage, compassion, hope, patience, resilience, or love) as we head into the end of the semester.

The “Zen Zone” has been constructed for student stress relief in the counseling hallway and the Brain Food Buffet will be out in the Commons Room every day next week. I admit to getting slightly wistful when I read about the Goshen Campus’ festive dress days (Twin Day, Pajama Day, etc.) next week, while we’re all in exams. But then again, some of our students will make every exam day their own personal Pajama Day – and if that helps them relax and do their best, that’s just fine with us!