COVID-19 Testing

Thanks to a new partnership with Bluewater, we are offering take-home oral rinse PCR tests. While these are not nasal swabs, they are still PCR tests and are just as efficacious as the nasal swab PCR tests. We are so excited to be able to offer an option that will save families the time and hassle that we know testing has caused over the last several weeks. Each student will receive one test kit on Tuesday, January 25, and more are available in the front office on each campus as needed. We are not requiring everyone to take a test; rather, we want families to have this test on hand in case someone develops symptoms or is exposed. Immediate family members may also take advantage of this testing; students or parents may pick up additional test kits on an as-needed basis. Instructions are on this flier. Any time a test is needed – either due to symptoms or to exposure – parents should simply:

  • Register the student or family member at this link (registration must be done every time a test is needed).

  • Collect the oral sample as per the directions in this video. (Note: no eating or drinking 30 minutes ahead of collection, including water.)

  • Bring the sample to either campus Monday – Friday (regardless of where the student/family is enrolled). The collection drop-off on the Goshen Campus is in the Front Lobby and on the Downtown Campus is at the Front Desk.

  • Print the name and date of birth of the person being tested on the clipboard by the drop-off area (the same information that you have already written on the oral sample tube). 

  • Samples deposited by 9:00 a.m. will be picked up by courier and taken to the Bluewater labs that day; samples deposited after 9:00 a.m. will be collected the following school day.

  • Results will be delivered via text message and email from Bluewater. 

Please note that Bluewater has closed its Family Health Center – E. Broadway location to the public; it is now for Family Health Center patients only. Southeast Christian and Churchill Downs are still operational. We recommend always checking Bluewater’s website and Facebook page for the latest updates on times, weather delays, etc. if you are using those sites. We cannot accept a home test; it must be done by a professional lab.