By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus
In the bustle of high school days, we don’t always stop and take time to be thankful, so each year before Thanksgiving, I like to compile my St. Francis list.
I am grateful to have a community where a student whose house is without power due to the ice storm feels comfortable showing up to school with her bearded dragon, who is then happily ensconced under a heat lamp to spend the day with the Biology students.
I am grateful for the 9th and 10th graders who have extended themselves over and over this fall to welcome and host 8th grade visitors considering St. Francis.
I am grateful for the students brave enough to read a poem in Morning Meeting, from the junior who did it for the first time ever this week to the others who share with us regularly.
I am grateful for faculty who create dynamic lessons around the Jefferson-Hamilton dispute over creation of a federal bank (complete with Hamilton clip), who spend lunchtimes doing physics reviews or coaching Quick Recall, who take their weekends and breaks to chaperone trips, KYA, KUNA, and more, who extend themselves to care for and challenge their students every day.
I am grateful that SFS students feel they can be who they are here and that they allow us the privilege of really seeing them.
I am grateful for the staff who work long hours and behind the scenes to make the St. Francis experience for all of us possible.
I am grateful for everyone in the St. Francis community, and wish all of you a restful and family/friend-filled Thanksgiving holiday!