By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Snapshots from the week:

  • 11th graders in Diane Pecknold’s U.S. History classes presented proposals in a “shark tank” format (candy for the winners!) for structuring the middle colonies in terms of government, religion, relationships/policies with Native Americans, trade/economy, and social structure
  • 11th graders (busy week for them!) prepping for the PSAT during Flex thanks to parent/test prep tutor Audrey Morrison
  • A spirited School Committee meeting in which the hottest topic was which grades would get to sell holiday “grams” (friendly wishes attached to a bag of candy for $1) as a fundraiser for each occasion this year
  • Tough preseason workouts for the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams – I was downstairs by the Fitness Room on Wednesday and the battle ropes and med balls were flying!
  • Club meetings in abundance: a newly created “Fashionable” group that will design and sew clothing items; another new offering, the Mental Health Awareness Club; the longstanding Cereal Club
  • 9th graders taking the Myers-Briggs to learn about their learning and communication styles, and then comparing those to their classmates’ and teachers’ Myers-Briggs types to facilitate understanding all around

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall Break!