My St. Francis journey started 20 years ago, before I even had children. For the first eight years of my SFS tenure, I was the admissions director. That taught me how difficult it can be to get the word out about SFS in this market – people always ask whether we are Catholic or single-sex, where we are located, and so on. It also taught me that the most powerful tool we have to continue growing our enrollment is word of mouth, from our students and our parents.  

As parents, we know that school experiences like our children are lucky enough to have at SFS aren’t easy to find. Once I had my own children and began sending them through St. Francis, I appreciated it on an entirely different level, because I was able to see in practice what I had been for years preaching in philosophy. As I now prepare to send my first child, SFS-educated from K to 12th grade, off to college next year, I can’t wait to see in how many different ways he will have benefited from this amazing college-preparatory educational experience.  

Reed, Renee, and I are all asking our parents in this week’s newsletter to consider helping us spread the word about SFS. Please let friends, neighbors, and colleagues know about your child’s St. Francis education and the aspects of it that you most cherish. Encourage them to call us and come visit! We love meeting new families and showing them the magic of 3rd and Broadway.