My heart is so full of gratitude as we close out this school year. The scenario of this spring was unimaginable, and sometimes it seemed unbearably hard, but together, this Wyvern high school community made it through.  

Your children are simply amazing. From the utter sweetness and morale of our senior class, at a time when so much has been taken from them, to the creativity of the freshmen (today I saw a scene from Shakespeare’s As You Like It rendered by stuffed frogs), I am in awe of these Wyvern teenagers.  

Our teachers are incredible. What was asked of them, at a time when everyone’s personal lives were upended as well, and what they managed to deliver because of the commitment they feel to their students, was a remarkable accomplishment indeed. I believe that our students were well served by the remote learning of this quarter and that is a tribute to their teachers’ efforts.

And of course, it is also a tribute to you, their parents. Even though the teens don’t require the monitoring of little ones, they have needs and issues that some days make the toddler years seem much easier and more desirable! Your support of them and us made the entire enterprise work, and is yet another example of why SFS parents are simply the best.  

You hopefully have seen the recent email from Alexandra about next fall. Rest assured we are working already on the various plans and scenarios, and that our commitment is always to delivering on the promise of a St. Francis education, no matter what the circumstances. I know that working with our students, our teachers, and our parents, we will absolutely do just that.  

Wishing all of you a wonderful summer – it may look differently than imagined, but I hope it involves plenty of sunshine and time with people you love!