What is included in International Student Tuition?

In addition to tuition, international student tuition costs include housing arrangements with a St. Francis family (August through May), a stipend for ELL tutoring or academic support in The Learning Center, and the majority of school fees. Additional expenses that international students should expect include spending money while living in the US, books/school supplies, and medical insurance while living in the US. International Student Tuition and Fees Tuition 2018-19 Tuition $24,900 Agent Commission $3,500 Host Family Stipend (over 10 months) $10,000 International Student School Fees (test prep, annual fund, APs, PA fee, etc) $3,400 Supplemental International Tuition Fees $6,000 Total $47,800

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What do I need to submit in order to apply?

International students should submit a completed online application, a transcript of academic work (with English translation), an application supplement by the applicant (handwritten and in English), and two letters of recommendation. We also request copies of any English-language proficiency testing results you may have completed. After all of the materials have been submitted, an admissions team member will contact you to arrange an interview. This can be online via Skype, or on our campus if you wish to visit and have a tour. Teachers should use the teacher recommendation form found here.

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