Want to connect with fellow alumni? Learn what’s been going on at Francis Parker since you graduated? Figure out ways to support the school and current students?
The newly-revamped Alumni Committee is hosting a call with any and all alumni to share what they’re up to, and how you can help out. We’re looking to talk with alumni with a variety of interests, no matter where you live, no matter when you graduated.
We have lots of ideas – from mentoring current students to Lunch & Learns on campus and virtual to more diverse and fun events with fellow alumni – and want to see if you’ll join in. And we want to see what ideas you have. So – take a few minutes out of your evening, join the call, learn what’s going on, connect with fellow alumni, have your voice heard, and help continue to make Francis Parker the amazing school for alumni and students it was and is.
All Wyverns Welcome! We hope to see you there!