It was an untraditional year with the official Science Olympiad Regional Competition canceled and a Regional Invitation put on in its stead; thus anyone was eligible to participate in the State Competition. Several students participated in the invitational, and then 10th graders Elliott Loewy and AJ Stevenson competed at State. Elliott participated in Bridges, where students design and construct a bridge within certain parameters and then see how much weight/mass it can hold. The score is based on the ratio of bridge mass to mass held. AJ built a vehicle and ramp, which had their own parameters, for an event called Gravity Vehicle. He released his vehicle from a certain height on a ramp and attempted to have the vehicle stop as close as possible to a designated spot. Elliott placed 12th in Bridges and AJ placed 3rd in Gravity Vehicle. AJ also took an astronomy test and earned 17th place. Nice work, Wyverns!