Watch Now!

Joanne Brock, a teacher at St. Francis School, has organized the annual run for the roaches – the slowest 2 minutes in sports with the famous madagascar hissing cockroaches, the class pets of her 2nd grade class. “It’s a big day…the most exciting day in second grade. Students look forward to this day from their first day in Kindergarten. Our bow-ties are made and our fascinators are ready.” The track is set and the conditions are set for a fast run.

There will be a bonus blue carpet turf stake with Covid-19, Delta, and Omicron, Dr. Anthony Roach-y, and Get Your Booster.

Thursday’s post positions are as follows:

  1. We Don’t Talk About Roach-O

  2. Hissy Fit

  3. Governor Andy Roachear

  4. Kick Cancer in the Roach

  5. Frida Kahlroach

  6. Spongebob Roachpants

  7. Roachie the Riveter

  8. You’ve Been Rick Roached (sired by Roach Astley)

  9. Hugs and Hisses

  10. UnappROACHable

  11. BaRoach Obama

  12. Irish I Was A Roach

  13. War Roach Eagle

  14. Diary of a Wimpy Roach

  15. Karen