Our High School delegation recently attended the Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) and did a wonderful job asking questions, making speeches, and getting involved in debate. Our two bills – abortion legalization by sophomores Lillie Hale and Siggy Gross and ranked choice voting written by juniors Mae Wilson and Jack Scantland and presented by seniors Emma Todd and Xavier Shelley – passed both House and Senate and were signed into law! The following individuals were also recognized at the event: sophomore Lillie Hale for Outstanding Speaker; sophomore Zelda Wheeler for Outstanding Delegate; senior Alex Horner for Outstanding Magazine Delegate and Outstanding Media Delegate; and senior Jackson Sleadd for Governor’s Chief of Staff. 

All of our Wyverns debated, argued, and made their voices heard — bringing to life our Core Values of Critical Thinking and Expression. Congratulations on a job well done, Wyverns!