By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

The kids returned noisily (as they usually do!) from a long Thanksgiving Break that I hope was memory-making for everyone. We thanked them at Morning Meetings for their wonderful performances at both the Parent Preview and Grandparents’ Day last week. If you were able to see the performance, I’m sure you’d agree it was enjoyable both from the musical and dancing standpoints. And I think we take for granted sometimes that they have to be so patient and still for close to an hour and a half, too! Kudos to our wonderful music teachers for preparing them so well and giving us this early holiday treat! 

We also returned to find that the hallway and entrance to the library has now been sealed off until the indoor component of the new theater and lobby project is complete (thankfully, Lindsy Serrano was able to hold the annual Scholastic Book Fair in there last week, which was another smashing success). So until further notice, access to the library is only available through The Learning Center. As that is a quiet area involving one-on-one tutoring with students quite often, we ask all visitors to the library to pass through there quickly and quietly. Thank you for your support in this area.

So now we hunker down for three more weeks of school prior to the big Holiday Break! Usually this is a three-week span, but the early timing of Thanksgiving this year means we returned with a month of school ahead of us. But no worries, we have plenty of basketball games, Quick Recall matches, the 6th Grade Governor’s Cup Showcase this Saturday, and upcoming spring musical auditions (The Sound of Music) on the horizon to add spice to everything that goes on during the school days!