Prior to Winter Break, we were treated to a colorful and funny musical romp of a 4th and 5th grade show in the form of Seussical KIDS (a younger version of Seussical the Musical). And like all of our productions this year, our little Cats in the Hats, Hortons, and Wickershams (to name a few) had to practice and perform in many places due to our ongoing theater renovation. No matter! Lower School music teacher extraordinaire Kim Rash, with the help of Sarah Dewberry, Joanne Brock, Faith Murphy, Billy Spalding, Christine Brinkmann, Charlie Patton, and many, many volunteer parents, nonetheless wowed our 4th and 5th graders and delighted audiences with this whimsical show. Here is a quote from Kim:

“Seussical KIDS, performed by the 4th and 5th grade classes, was a super smash of a success. Students entertained audiences, whether it was on the stage at Gingerwoods, in our Multi-Purpose Room, or in the Performing Arts Space on the Downtown Campus. The show was full of color and flair, with set pieces, costumes, and makeup that were as much fun to look at as they were to wear. After the play, 4th grader Nolan Reif said that he learned that “plays take time to put together,” and fellow classmate Luke Walden said he “learned to be confident in this show.” Fifth grader Bren Willis said that she “learned to be a better performer and actor.” Of course, many commented that they loved the cast party! All of these comments point to the purpose of doing a class play. They instill pride in our children, help them work together as a team, and teach public speaking skills. I am so very proud of every single one of them and am thankful for all of the grown-ups who helped make Seussical KIDS a hit.”

I was fortunate enough to get to see the show twice – the evening performance at Gingerwoods (and BIG thanks to parents Hope and Morton Boyd for making the space available to us) and our school showing the next day. I echo Kim’s comments above about the value of kids experiencing theater. I especially enjoy seeing the pure joy in their faces while dancing and performing. Even the crew was singing along and clearly having the time of their lives! Bravo to all involved for another hit from our 4th and 5th grades!

And as for “coming attractions,” don’t forget that our spring musical this year will be the timeless classic The Sound of Music, performed at Old Male High School Downtown. That will make the third different performance venue for our kids this year! Tickets will be available at the door, so stay tuned for more information in our newsletter each week!