By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

I was beyond pleased over the holiday weekend to get an email from coach Lindsy Serrano about our 7th/8th grade Governor’s Cup team! They had a phenomenal showing at their District Competition. Let’s get straight to the highlights:

Arts and Humanities – Allie Rahman (2nd place), Amelia Gorman (3rd place)

Composition Amelia Gorman (1st place)

Language Arts – Amelia Gorman (3rd place)

Science – AJ Stevenson (1st place)

Social Studies – AJ Stevenson (1st place), Jack Rutherford (5th place)   

All of these students will move onto the Regional Competition. In terms of team results, our Quick Recall team placed 2nd and will be participating at Regionals as well. And in the “not surprising department,” we are proud to say that St. Francis also won the Hume Sportsmanship Award! How fitting for a St. Francis squad! 

Put all this together, and we are very excited to announce that our Quick Recall placement, combined with our written assessment scores, gave us a first place finish at Districts this year!  

A HUGE congratulations to Lindsy Serrano for coaching this team during school lunches and recesses to such heights. Here is a quote from Lindsy:

“I am just so honored to be the coach of such a funny, smart, and talented group of students. Every kid shined at Districts and they worked so well together as a team. I am especially proud of winning the Hume Sportsmanship Award. It’s great to see our values of community and compassion at work during what can be an intense day of competition! We can’t wait to go to Regionals!”

Here is another quote from parent Kathleen Snyder about Lindsy Serrano’s coaching job:

“Thank you so much for your work with these kids and dedication to this activity. Not only did they perform well, but they had fun while doing it. And I think that speaks to how you approach this with them. They are expected to take it seriously, balanced with finding the joy in it. I know that Meredith really enjoys it – from getting up at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday to the lunchtime practices – she really likes being a part of this team.”  

Thanks are also in order to SFS teachers Misty Chanda and Debbie Adkins for serving as officials at this event, and Anne Holmes for taking on the task of grading all of the composition entries. It was quite a weekend for Wyvern academics!