As school administrators, we take part in a myriad number of meetings on every facet of school life. One of those areas is admissions, which is so critical to an Independent school’s sustained success. Recently, in a meeting, a survey from prospective parents was shared and discussed. The one question that really jumped out at me was “What led you to St. Francis?” My first thought was an Internet search/our website, but the answer was word of mouth. And the obvious extrapolation from that is, from whom? And I think the answer is probably pretty clear – from current and past parents! 

And with that in mind, I’d like to ask you to be aware of the incredible influence you might have on prospective St. Francis families! When you are going through your daily tasks, whether at work or running errands, the topic of schools and school choice probably comes up often in relation to talking about your child(ren). If you are pleased with your child(ren)’s experience here, please share proudly with acquaintances and strangers! You never know what little “spark” might lead to the next happy Wyvern family! 

On a similar note, we have an exciting admissions event coming up on Saturday, March 21st. It is called Next-Step Saturday and is geared towards families of students ages 2-9 (entering Preschool – 4th grade this fall). Students will get a glimpse into what they can expect next year when they take their “next step” at St. Francis, all while enjoying a fun-filled afternoon full of hands-on activities. We’ll also have special guests (like some of our high school drama students) leading workshops and much, much more! We are also inviting prospective families to this event, so we encourage you to bring a friend!

And one final note on that topic, as a forerunner to a parent coffee next week on the 4th – 5th grade transition, we’re going to hold 4th Grade Step-Up Day on Monday morning, in which our 4th and 5th graders “trade places” for three periods! Our 4th graders will go to Middle School Morning Meeting, have class with Billy Spalding (their LA/SS teacher next year), and meet some other 5th grade teachers. Meanwhile, our 5th graders will go back in time and spend part of the morning reliving great 4th grade moments with Sarah Dewberry. This should be a fun event designed to help ease the transition of moving on to Middle School. Be sure and ask your child(ren) about it!