To the St. Francis School Community:

As you may be aware, the Board of Trustees was scheduled to vote on a new name for the School yesterday, April 27. However, we have decided that more time is needed to thoroughly analyze and digest all the feedback and data collected from the most recent round of listening sessions and surveys regarding the name options that were brought forward. As a result, the final Board vote was postponed.  

Given the importance of this decision, we simply cannot rush it, and we want to make sure that all voices are represented in the final name selection process. Therefore, we have slightly adjusted our timeline and expanded the naming selection committee to include the Executive Committee of the current Board, elected Officers of the 2022-23 Board, Leadership Team members who serve as representatives on the Executive Committee, and our 26-year-veteran Preschool Director. This is an inclusive group that will ensure that all points of view are heard and considered in this process. 

The plan is to continue discussing our findings among this group over the next few weeks to reach consensus about which name will best meet our goals in choosing a new name for the school. As a reminder, our primary goals for the new name include: reducing the confusion that we are a religious school, better reflecting our Mission, and helping to attract more Mission-appropriate students to the School. A recommendation will then be made by this committee to the full Board of Trustees. The Board will reconvene for a special meeting to discuss the recommendation and vote on a new name. Please stay tuned for news on the name change in the next few weeks.


James Melhuish

Chair, St. Francis School Board of Trustees

Alexandra Thurstone G’80, ‘84

Head of School

Final Name Selection Committee

Greg Borders

Paula Caffer

Chad Carlton

Kelley Cox

Ginny Frazier

Suzanne Gorman

Carolyn Hannan ‘99

Bethany Heckel

Renee Hennessy

Kelly Wright Henrion ’92

Wes Johnson

Shelly Jones

Stewart Lussky

James Melhuish

Rob Penta ’99

Deron Simmons G’02, ’06

John Shumate G’96, ’00

Alexandra Thurstone G’80, ‘84