By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

One thing we work on every day is following directions and learning to take care of one’s own needs. Being able to listen and then follow instructions is important not only in Preschool, but throughout life. With our younger children, we use age-appropriate choices and expectations. Our goal is increasing each child’s independence and confidence. We want to share with you how this looks at snack time with the Trailblazers class.

At snack, our teachers ask what the children need for the snack they are having. As they think about it, they may answer that they need a napkin, a cup, or a spoon. Then, as snack begins, it is their responsibility to pick up these items and take them to the table. We try to give short, concise directions and illustrate by holding up the items they will need. If they get to the table without a necessary item, it is their responsibility to go and retrieve the missing item. They are responsible for opening any snack packages with scissors, and for helping clean up after snack is over. Their competence in these skills is increasing each day. Soon they will begin pouring their own cups of milk or water at snack times.

At home you can play a game where you give directions – one to two steps for younger children and three or four for the older. You could give your child jobs to carry out, such as putting napkins at each place setting or wiping off the table after a meal. Many children enjoy helping with “big” jobs such as these. Just remember that the focus is on learning to follow directions. Your child’s competency at placing napkins and wiping off the table comes in time.

Upcoming Dates

Join us Friday, October 19th for Coffee + Conversation: What’s the difference between discipline and limit-setting? with Renee & Alexandra at 8:40 a.m. We will discuss limit-setting with your preschooler, and ways to present age-appropriate choices to your child. Please RSVP to Renee Hennessey.

Wednesday, October 31st is our Halloween Parade and Parties! The preschoolers parade in costume around the front drive of the School, followed by a party in their classrooms. Your child’s teacher(s) will send home more information as we get closer to the big day. (Our friends are already talking about Halloween in the Preschool.) The Parade will begin following 9:00 a.m. carpool drop-off and parents will line up outside on the circle in front of the Main Entrance.

Thursday, November 1st is Parent-Teacher Conferences. You can sign-up for a 15-minute conference with your child’s teachers using the link emailed to you next week. Friday, November 2nd is a professional development day for our teachers. The Preschool will be closed on Thursday, November 1st and Friday, November 2nd, and no childcare will be offered.