On Tuesday, February 2nd our nation’s beloved groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, popped his head out of the ground, saw his shadow, and declared six more weeks of winter. Evidence of his declaration has been very apparent as of late! However, as frustrating as that news may have been, here in the Preschool we only had reason for celebration! You see, as frightening as a shadow may be to a large rodent, for a child, a shadow provides endless opportunities for play and wonder! We got out an old projector and spent the morning creating shadows using our bodies. We even made a game out of it by choosing our favorite yoga poses to cast on the wall while our friends tried to guess what the poses were. The fun didn’t stop there! Many friends discovered that different objects can make interesting shapes as well! Toys from around the room were grabbed and exploration continued. Groundhog Day may be over for this year, but for us, six more weeks of cold and indoor play just means more shadow fun to come!