By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

We all know that reading to children is crucial to the development of their future literacy skills. That is why our teachers read to their classes every day, and multiple times throughout the day, at that. Did you know the experience children receive from interacting with books on their own and with peers is vital, too? Research has shown that the more contact that children have with age-appropriate books, the better readers they will be. We make sure that there is a comfortable and quiet area in each of our classrooms to look at, and interact with, books. These classroom book centers are stocked with all types of books – both fiction and non-fiction from many different genres, and depicting a variety of cultures. The books are rotated often so that children can explore their favorites, and on their own, they begin to gain important book knowledge (for example, that we read from right to left, and from the top of the page to the bottom). Best of all, exposing children often to interesting and exciting books can nurture the beginnings of a lifelong love of reading.

Tuesday is our Admissions Open House! Our Open House is for anyone considering St. Francis School as an option for their child, age 2 through 8th grade. Our parents are our best ambassadors. If you know someone that is interested in learning more about our School, please have them contact Kelli Carter at 502-795-3464.

On Friday, November 16th, we will gather together for our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. The Preschool PA Co-Chairs, Renee Reithel and Jacquelyn Stack, sent out more information this week and included this link to sign up to bring a dish. Chef Matt Thomas will provide us with the delicious turkey and gravy! We kindly ask that you please RSVP to your child’s teachers. We look forward to seeing everyone then!