We returned from Spring Break to signs of spring! The beautiful tulips have made their appearance around our entrances and playgrounds, and sunny mornings are giving way to warm afternoons — allowing us to spend more time playing outdoors (don’t forget to apply sunscreen in the mornings). Speaking of outdoors, this summer we’re making a big improvement to our natural playground thanks to a generous donation from the Parent Association. A new wooden playhouse will be built to give our preschoolers another option for climbing and pretend play. Thank you to our wonderful families who continue to support our program!

In the next few weeks, we’ll welcome new “kids” to our campus — goats and alpacas! Their jobs will be to naturally help clear up invasives from our forest. All of our classes will continue visiting the garden and learning more about the goats and alpacas and how they are helping us. There are so many learning opportunities to explore right here on our own 64 acres!