We’ve concluded our first week of remote learning in the Preschool. We did it. Together. A sampling of activities included virtual bingo, Dr. Seuss’ Ten Apples Up On Top! and accompanying activity, going on a bear hunt, making leprechaun traps, and searching for ducks at your home (Ms. Carmen has three!). I’m completely amazed by our teachers’ tenacity and grit. They have quickly taken their lesson plans and cell phones and dived into video production. It has been our hope that children seeing their teachers on these videos has offered some consistency with their usual Preschool schedule. Another component we’re currently working on is a way to connect the children virtually with each other, because the social piece is important at this age. Beginning next week, each class will host virtual class meetings. Your child’s teachers will share the details of these events by Monday. We’re looking forward to seeing those smiling faces and hearing their voices.

We know that small children can sense when their grown-ups are stressed. And, right now, we realize that a lot of families might be feeling stressed. You’ve become teachers overnight, and you might also be trying to manage your own work with a child climbing in your lap. We felt like it was important to remind you to take care of yourselves! Take a break and have some fun (it’s okay to play the movie Frozen again), get some fresh air, work a puzzle together, build a fort with pillows and blankets, bake, or watch something together on TV. We are committed to doing what we can to support you and your child through this pause in our everyday lives. 

Here are a few resources about talking to young children about coronavirus, as well as creating PLAYFUL experiences at home:

Finally, we want to thank our families for your continued support through this transitional time.