Earlier this morning, children, parents, and staff gathered together to sing songs of the holidays! With sleigh bells ringing merrily, we all joined in the festive time that proved to be a jolly respite from the hectic pace we tend to keep during this time of year.  

With many cultures represented at our School, we have a rich collection of celebrations and traditions. The power of this diversity allows many possibilities for our inclusive community. Together we can continue to grow and stretch our collective thinking for a brighter tomorrow.

From ALL of us in the Preschool, we want to wish you and your family a heartfelt happy holidays! Read on for a few parenting tips and thank-yous during this holiday season.

Parenting Tips

  • Routines are often interrupted by the demands of the season. For small children, routines define expectations and allow them to feel secure. In the midst of the hustle and bustle during this time of year, try and keep routines as consistent as possible, whenever possible. 
  • Teaching your child about gratitude begins in the early years. One way we can teach and model gratitude is to express gratitude in our own lives. You can write or draw thank-you notes with your child taking dictation and writing their words for them when needed. A simple drawing will be warmly received by friends and family. Also, talk about the positive parts of your day with your child at meal times. 
  • At a very early age we begin teaching children about the concept of “enough.” You are  doing this now by reinforcing rest times for tired minds and bodies, “You have been moving your body all day, it’s time for a rest.” Or by limiting the amounts of sugary sweets, “You can have two cookies for a snack, but that is all until dinner. You’ve had enough.” As time goes on, we can teach them more about the differences between needs and wants. These concepts take time, work, and practice throughout the years of childhood and change with each stage of development and maturity.

Gratitude Abounds

  • The Coat Drive was a rousing success and we delivered over 50 coats to Keystone Learning Academy! We want to thank our generous families for supporting this long-standing Preschool tradition. Thank you to Hallie Moser for all of her efforts organizing and delivering the coats. 
  • Thank you to volunteer/friend of the School Kevin Watty for donning the Santa suit for a special visit to the Big Sing. And gracias to Middle School Spanish teacher Salema Jenkins for her assistance in helping Santa find his way to the Preschool.
  • Thank you to school counselor Julie Marks for sharing her family’s tradition of Hanukkah with the Trailblazers class.